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Market and Sell Your Home

Getting Your Home SOLD: What It Will Take?
In addition to having a sign in your yard and an entry in the multiple listings, several other activities are critical success factors in selling your home.  If we don’t pay attention to these activities, your home will either sit on the market longer than it should, or it will bring offers of lower value than it deserves.

Your home must be spruced up thoroughly to be so attractive that a prospective buyer will be eager to write an offer.  I will help you list the things to do that will get the house ready to sell.  Simple details such as polishing windows and de-cluttering the garage may seem unimportant, but they affect the image your home projects.  We will be competing against lots of other aggressive sellers, so we must make sure your home looks its absolute best in every way.

Your home must be presented attractively online and in print, with excellent photography and professional verbal descriptions.  We must emphasize those key selling features that will attract our target market.  I will research the current market to identify our target buyers.  I am a skilled writer and photographer, and we will tailor the visual and verbal presentation to appeal to those buyers who are serious about owning a home like yours. 

Your home must be priced correctly to attract offers from our target buyer pool.  Before we go on the market, I will provide you a realistic assessment of current market conditions.  The essence of correct pricing is this:  our price must create the impression in the prospective buyer’s mind that this home represents good value.

The process of selling your home must be managed carefully.  Selling a home is complicated, and small details left unattended will kill a sale.  I am attentive to those details and I will help you navigate the process successfully.  It will be a team effort.  I will serve as your project manager as we work through the process from our initial discussions all the way to the final closing. 

By following these principles, we will ensure the best possible outcome to get your home SOLD promptly and at an acceptable price.

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