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Finding Your Next Home

What Are Your Desires For Your Next Home?
Each changing life stage presents new and different real estate requirements. Here are some aspects buyers usually consider important as they begin the search for their next home. 

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We need a change of location
Closer to Work: Before deciding on a specific area or neighborhood, observe local traffic patterns during morning and evening rush hours. Time consumed by commuting reduces time available for leisure.

Better school district: Click here for reports about the school districts you might consider.

Closer to family: How close is close enough (without being too close)?

Closer to shopping, doctors, church, leisure activities: Consider traffic activity and noise density as you contemplate living closer to commercial areas.


We Need A Larger Home
Additional floor: A basement or a floor upstairs can provide comfortable separation for family members engaged in different activities.

More rooms: More bedrooms and/or more leisure rooms often become necessary for growing families.

Larger rooms: Larger bedrooms usually have larger closets.

Basement: A finished basement offers additional space for leisure activities.

More garage space: Especially useful if the home has no basement.

More yard space: A larger yard provides more play area for children, pets and more.


We Need A Smaller Home for Our Next Life Stage

General downsizing: “Empty nest”, reduced mortgage payments, health limitations often make downsizing an attractive option.

Less yard maintenance: Smaller yards allow more time for other activities.

Fewer living levels: One-floor living with bedrooms on the main level mean fewer steps to climb

Fewer bedrooms: Living space for multi-generation family may no longer be necessary.

Basement and/or extra garage space no longer required


We Want More Or Different Amenities

Up-market neighborhood

Upgraded features in home: Higher ceilings, a full basement, a modern kitchen, a wooded lot for privacy, a multi-car garage all create a new living experience.

Different home floor plan: Changing conditions make a different floor plan more appealing now.

Swim/tennis facilities or golf/country club membership

Community social or children’s activities

Lake or other leisure features


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